Surprise in Every Box

Legacy Videos- “Surprise in Every Box”

Legacy Videos- “Surprise in Every Box” At Your Video Memoir, we subscribe to the Cracker Jack model of customer satisfaction. If you are of a certain age, you will remember getting your hands on a box of Cracker Jacks as a child. And, while the actual snack was pretty darn delicious – caramel corn and […]

Creating A Video Memoir


Creating A Video Memoir Your Video Memoir is here to make the process of creating your memoir as uncomplicated as possible. However, we realize that some people think the only decent memoir is a written memoir. Who are we to stand in your way? So we are happy to present, for the diehard, several helpful […]

Your Fascinating Life

My Grandfather’s Gift Fascinating Life Your Video Memoir

YES, YOU DO HAVE A FASCINATING LIFE! At Your Video Memoir, we love nothing more than spending 3-4 hours talking to our clients’ parents and grandparents about their – to us – amazing lives. But we realize some people are reluctant to have a memoir created. Their excuse? “I’ve lived a nice life, but there’s […]