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Creating A Video Memoir

Your Video Memoir is here to make the process of creating your memoir as uncomplicated as possible. However, we realize that some people think the only decent memoir is a written memoir. Who are we to stand in your way? So we are happy to present, for the diehard, several helpful guides available online or at the library.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started:

Video Memoir Questions

If the links themselves seem off-putting – 127 questions, 75 questions, 30 questions, etc. – then we suggest starting by tossing yourself a few meatballs (pitches that are easy to hit over the fence).

A lot of people think they have to begin at their earliest memory and move forward, month by month, from there. What were the names of their elementary school teachers? What was the name of that guy who had a secret crush on you in fifth grade? That’s exactly the kind of approach that, for most of us, is simply too intimidating. We might begin the project but give up well before our memories reach puberty.

Instead, go ahead and toss yourself this meatball: What’s a really funny thing that happened in my life? Could have been last decade; could have been last week. The point is, it’s something that made you and someone else laugh out loud. And it should be enjoyable to write about.

Once you have that tidbit recorded, try this: Tell about something really embarrassing that happened to you. Forget your wallet after waiting in line at the supermarket for 30 minutes and having all your groceries rung up? Get to the door of the Broadway theater only to realize you forgot to bring the tickets.

Your Video Memoir

Ideas for your Video Memoir

If you find that writing about things like this is, dare we say, enjoyable then keep tossing yourself meatballs:

· What was your most memorable date as a teenager?

· Tell about a really great time you had with your mom or dad.

· What’s the craziest family holiday celebration you ever had?

· What’s the best book you ever read?

The idea is to train your writing muscles while, at the same time, getting in touch with significant moments in your life. After you feel comfortable with the process you can move on to the “meatier” questions involving the challenges you had to overcome, the grief you dealt with, the doubts you faced, etc.

And if you find that you never feel comfortable with the process of writing down these incidents and your feelings surrounding them, then it’s time to call for outside help. Call Your Video Memoir at 248-568-8460 and book a video interview from the comfort of your home. In just 3-4 hours we will toss you the meatballs first and then the tougher questions in order to capture your life in a way that has meaning for the future generations in your family.

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