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Gold Video Package

In the Gold Package, we edit the 3-31/2 hours of interview into a 35-50 minute video.

First, we create a linear narrative from the interview. Since the interview is a casual conversation, it often rambles from one subject to another. By eliminating the interviewer’s “presence” completely and instead employing title cards or a professional narrator to introduce subject matters, we can rearrange the subjects back into a linear narrative, giving structure to the life story.

Second, we aim to eliminate the pauses, the stumbles, the repetitive phrases, and the clearing of throats in one of two ways. We either cut to “camera 2” providing a different point of view, or we cut to a family-provided photo. As shown in the Gold Package demo below, this makes the video memoir cleaner and more engaging to watch.

We take the photos you provide and “clean” them up using Photoshop tools to make them look as good as possible. The more photos you provide the better!

*Travel Expenses. If we need to travel less than 200 miles, we will drive and charge only for gas. For trips farther than 200 miles, we will charge for airfare, hotel, and rental car without any markup. We always try to find the best airfare and stay at reasonable hotels such as Days Inn or La Quinta.



The edited video memoir is delivered to you on three individually gift-boxed flash drives. Extra drives are available for $35 each. And, if desired, an external hard drive of the entire, unedited interview can be provided for an additional $150.

Gold Plus Package — include the full, unedited version of the complete interview for an extra $500.