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Our Sample Legacy Video Memoirs

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Tom and Sue Streitz​

Dan Streitz’s Experience:

After researching for months I was lucky to find YVM. I couldn’t be happier with the memoir of my grandparents. Mel is a true professional- from initial planning and scheduling to filming and editing, he was always quick to respond to questions and receptive to what we were looking for. We learned stories of my grandparents’ lives we had never heard before! Mel was able to put them at ease which allowed their personalities to come through on film. Would highly recommend them. You won’t be disappointed.

Stan and Janine Owens

Stan Owen’s Experience:

Mel and Brian came to Phoenix to gather video for my parents’ Memoir. They were the real deal, drawing from their vast experience in the profession to put together a storyline that truly captured the essence of my parents and our family. Worth the time and money and a strong recommendation to others. A true generational gift!

Dick Purtan

Jackie Purtan’s Experience:

I just finished watching the Video Memoir my Dad had made for my 5 sisters and me as a Christmas Gift. Absolutely amazing. We lost my Mom almost a year and a half ago and watching my Dad tell stories about their life and love – many of which I’d never heard before – was incredible. It was recorded in their home and felt so intimate! And I got the answers to questions I think kids often forget to ask their parents. And I know the Grandkids (all eight of them!) will be fascinated to find out that Grandpa and Grandma were actually young once too! LOL. This is the kind of thing people always talking about doing but so often “never get around to”. I am so very glad – and blessed – that my Dad did!

Hazel Thomas

Lisa Solomon’s Experience:

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Brian and Mel. My grandmother is in her 90s and at this point, I wish we could bottle every moment. Brian and Mel made that happen. They were able to help her tell her story and provide us with a time capsule of her life. One that can be shared with many generations to come. They were able to capture her stories as well as her personality and it was incredible. This video memoir of her life is priceless!!

Walter Pheeney

Mark Pheeney’s and Paige (Pheeney) Lock’s experience

Thank you for capturing our Dad’s positive outlook on life. He and our Mom have instilled in us since we were young a zest and enthusiasm for living life. This video is a wonderful way to share some of Dad’s life experiences with his family and future generations

Lorraine Greenburg

Lorraine Greenburg’s experience:

I thought the process of creating a video memoir would be a deep, soul-searching experience, but Brian and Mel made it fun and painless.

Ray Buch

Ray’s Daughter’s Reaction:

Thank you for coaxing him out of his shell and putting together such a powerful legacy video. It beautifully captures not only my dad’s words, but his energy: his thoughtfulness, his kindness, his spirit of adventure, his love for his family, and the depth of his feeling. He made a memoir so that his descendants could know him, and we will treasure the ability to see and hear him share these stories for many years to come.

Let us help tell their story

Hey, your parents survived Godzilla, Watergate, Boy George, lawn darts, and the break-up of the Beatles. THEY LIVED! Let’s get the story of their life preserved in a legacy video memoir so others will know…what it was like to be a Boomer.