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Platinum Video Package

The Platinum Video Package includes everything that the Gold Package provides and, in addition, we search the internet for photos that add reference points to the narrative. For example, when you mention your high school, we will cut to a picture of it. When you mention your first car (as we did in the Platinum Level demo) we find a photo of that year and make an automobile to place into the video. In one of our video memoirs, the wife reminded her husband that his boss used to take him to the “girlie” shows back in the 1950s. Sure enough, we found an “appropriate” photo to beef up the accusation, petticoats and all!

The Platinum Package adds another level of interest and engagement, bringing the video memoir to vivid life. It also allows us to tighten up even more of the pauses and eliminate the repetitions. The Platinum Package demo below is slightly shorter than the Gold Package, using the exact same words, and it includes 3 extra reference point photos. 

*Travel Expenses. If we need to travel less than 200 miles, we will drive and charge only for gas. For trips farther than 200 miles, we will charge for airfare, hotel, and rental car without any markup. We always try to find the best airfare and stay at reasonable hotels such as Days Inn or La Quinta.


DELIVERABLES: The edited video memoir is delivered to you on three individually gift-boxed flash drives. Extra drives are available for $35 each. And, if desired, an external hard drive of the entire, unedited interview can be provided for an additional $150.