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Silver Video Package

In the Silver Package demo below, the video is 1:52 long because of the pauses. People cough. And they stumble over a phrase. These things happen repeatedly — it’s perfectly natural. In the Silver Video Package, we transfer the interview straight from the camera to a hard drive and send it to you, unedited. You’ll get the full video memoir, complete with pauses and coughs. You can always ask us, at any time, to edit the video to the Gold or Platinum level and simply pay the difference.

In the demo we created, the Silver Package was 1:52 long because of the pauses and the stumbles. By upgrading to the Gold Package and inserting photos provided by the family, we got rid of almost all the pauses and stumbles. The Gold Package demo — telling the exact same story with the exact same words, was 25% shorter than the Silver Package version and was certainly more engaging.

*Travel Expenses. If we need to travel less than 200 miles, we will drive and charge only for gas. For trips farther than 200 miles, we will charge for airfare, hotel, and rental car without any markup. We always try to find the best airfare and stay at reasonable hotels such as Days Inn or La Quinta.


Deliverable: 1 external hard drive loaded with the entire video interview, unedited.