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Surprise in Every Box

At Your Video Memoir, we subscribe to the Cracker Jack model of customer satisfaction. If you are of a certain age, you will remember getting your hands on a box of Cracker Jacks as a child. And, while the actual snack was pretty darn delicious – caramel corn and peanuts – the true thrill of the Cracker Jacks box was the surprise hidden inside!

Almost never disappointing (unlike today’s retro Cracker Jacks), the surprise was intriguing enough to keep one occupied for quite a while. Indeed, the notion of getting something “extra” beyond the expected that began, for many, with a box of Cracker Jacks, continued for the rest of our lives. Although both deals are the same, for example, 25% off sounds somehow less appealing than Buy 3 and Get One Free.

Video Memoir Surprises

So what’s the surprise in a video memoir? Well, so far we are batting 1000 for delivering a true surprise with every memoir we’ve produced. It comes in the form of a surprising life fact that no one knew about. Just like the confession, by a woman in her 90s that she had stolen some candy as a young girl and was “persuaded” by her grandmother to confess her crime to the store owner. Her husband of 70 years had NEVER heard that story!

Or, the tale of the ex-hippie who had packed some European hash in a bottle inside his suitcase in the 1970s only to find the bottle broken when he landed back in the U.S. We consider these true confessions to be the delightful surprise that elevates our professionally produced video memoirs above simple life biographies into vibrant, entertaining, compelling dramas. If you’d like a real Cracker Jack of a life story captured on video to preserve your family’s legacy, contact us today!

“We learned stories of my grandparents’ lives we had never heard before! Mel was able to put them at ease which allowed their personalities to come through on film. Would highly recommend them. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Dan Streitz

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