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At Your Video Memoir we walk into someone’s home armed with a camera, lights and questions. A lot of questions. Our clients are primarily in their 80s and 90s, yet we chat for three to four hours. We want to find out what life was like for them in their childhood. When they met their sweetheart. What their first job was like. Beyond that, we want to get at the deeper questions — what is their passion, what have they learned in life, what advice would they offer. By the end of a session, our clients aren’t the only ones who need a nap!

The true challenge for us is turning that long conversation that wanders from decade to decade — and back again — into a compelling narrative. We aim to produce a video that’s about one hour long and evocative of the people and times that influenced our clients’ lives.

We are more often than not hired by our clients’ children or grandchildren. With each memoir we are rewarded with the phrase, “Wow! I learned so much about them.” We turn grandma and grandpa into people who once faced the same issues as our customers and, importantly, managed to overcome them. At their best, our legacy videos are full of surprises and inspiration in equal measure.

Meet the Guys

Mel and Brian have worked together since the 1980s. The idea of collaborating solely on video memoir production struck them a few years ago. And they haven’t looked back.

Mel Foster creative director at J. Walter Thompson Your Legacy Video

Mel Foster

During his career in advertising, Mel won every award in the book, including a Lion from the Cannes Film Festival as well as an Emmy. As a producer of family video biographies, Mel has a natural ability to put folks at ease. Getting a true legacy video requires trust and that’s where Mel’s years of experience in dealing with clients from all walks of life come into play. After a few minutes, the cameras and lights simply fade into the background and it’s simply a couple of people having a friendly chat about old times and big ideas.

Brian Chidester-editor Your Legacy Video

Brian Chidester

In his capacity as an editor, Brian worked on a tremendous variety of business sectors in concert with some of the most creative (and difficult to work with) people. Invariably, the great joy of work came whenever he worked on a video project that helped an individual or a cause. A dedicated father of five, he and his wife made the brave move of adopting three additional kids from a family (distantly related) that was failing – in addition to fostering another child. (His wife’s application for sainthood is currently in process.)